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Manfred Schindler
Directors Manfred und Ronald Schindler
The Aktuell Bau GmbH was founded in 1995 at a time, when the demand for homebuilding was already declining. The dismissal of the administrative director and owner of our company, Manfred Schindler, through the employer of the old German states resulted in considering self-employment. Encouraged and supported by the Employment Centre in Magdeburg, a concept was created.

Within the first month of unemployment, he tried his luck at starting his own business. By the subsidy of the Employment Centre in Magdeburg he was able to create his business concept. Within the first year of self-employment the first 4 employees found a permanent position at our company. Looking back one could say that 70 % of the employees were either previously unemployed or remains in the company after completing a training program or internship.

The personnel development of our company is constantly growing, but that is not our only aim. The true goal of Aktuell Bau GmbH is not only to create new jobs, but what is even more important is to qualify our skilled workers and master craftsmen in order for them to start their own businesses. Likewise, in working together with the Employment Centre in Magdeburg young job seekers were trained to become sales representatives at our company. Today they work for us as successful independent salesmen. These on-the-job training examples are likely to continue in the future.

A further company strategy is to cooperate with numerous handicraft businesses and bond them to our company as a team. In doing so approximately 650 craftsmen were employed by our subcontractors for the entire year of 2008. The subcontractors know that they can depend on us for prompt payment, finding new job projects in order to keep their workers employed the whole year round. This also applies to our suppliers and distributors. That is what makes our company such a success. For a lot of outsiders the good working relationship we have with our subcontractors is not understandable. But only by working together as a team we are able to offer the latest technologies in our homes and high-quality service. We have also strong partners to back us up, when it comes to developing new ideas for homebuilding.

Almost all of our associated subcontractors are situated in Sachsen-Anhalt (an eastern province in Germany). Our strategy has been a success, because our growth rate has remained consistent although the homebuilding industry is on a downward trend. Today Aktuell Bau is a company which not only has a good financial standing, it can also operate independently without bank support. This is a key factor which will enable us to achieve a higher performance level for 2009 as well as to exceed the targets and performances growth that were set in 2008.

To be sure our company is never standing still and we will continue to invest. For example, in 2009 we will be investing a sum of 600.000 € in a new model home project at our Berlin-Pankow location. We are also constantly remodeling and making improvements in our existing model homes. By doing so, we can keep up the ever-rising standards required to reduce energy consumption, invest in innovative heating systems and the latest architectural designs and create an optimal atmosphere for our sales representatives. All of our model homes are equipped with a modern video conference line. This makes is possible to speak to an architect, an energy expert or a homebuilding planner at any time without making an appointment in advance. Also walk-in customers can await competent advice. Another interesting point, our vehicle fleet is renewed approximately every 3 years. New vehicles are bought and not leased or financed. This is another example of our company’s financial strength. Through the support of the entire staff including the subcontractors and suppliers, Aktuell Bau has developed into a high-performance company. It is a company which constantly seeks for new challenges and wants to be judged on its achievements.

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Stadtvilla Teltow
Erdgeschoss: ca. 75.89 m²
Dachgeschoss: ca. 56.73 m²

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